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Water Heaters

  • $4.00 per gallon (not to exceed $300.00 rebate)
  • 10 Yr min. warranty (extended warranties do not qualify for rebate) & 90% efficient minimum

Contract for water heater rebate

Electric Heat

  • $25.00 per KW rebate of installed heat
  • Electric Heat Rate: 4.9 ¢ for electric heat metered seperately

***Electric heat rate is not guaranteed beyond the current year***

Contract for electric heat rebate

Heat Pumps

$150.00 per ton rebate on all types of heat pumps

Contract for heat pump rebate

Grain Drying

  • $30.00 rebate per HP

Contract for grain drying rebate

Service Upgrade

  • $200 rebate for upgrading service
  • $200 rebate for Double Throw Switch

Contract for service upgrade or double throw switch

All rebate forms must have proof of purchase included to recieve the rebate.

If you have any questions regarding our rebates please contact our office at (406) 488-1602.



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