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Storm Safety

  • If you see downed or damaged power lines, stay back and call LYREA immediately at (406) 488-1602. 
  • Limit the use of your freezer and refrigerator during extended storm outages. Food will remain frozen for up to 48 hours if the doors remain closed and the unit is in good working condition
  • When possible, avoid using candles for lighting. Candles pose fire hazards within the home.

  • Contact LYREA as soon as possible when your power goes out, no matter how many homes in your area appear to be affected by the outage.

  • Appliances and electronics are extremely sensitive to electrical spikes from lightening or other faults. During electrical storms, disconnect these items from the electrical source.

  • Keep a “storm kit” at home with extra flashlights, fresh batteries, bottled water and canned food.

  • Improperly installed emergency power generators can expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning and our crews to severe injury – or even death. For more information, contact Lower Yellowstone Electric's Operation Department at (406) 488-1602.

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