The Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) will grant up to $3,000 to LYREC member(s) in 2024 to be used to support community owned entities, non-profits, and community-based projects.

Eligible projects:   Community owned businesses (cafe, grocery store, motel, other); community facilities (such as ambulance services, fire districts, recreation, hospital/clinic, community center, etc.); Workforce development (defined as - training to meet the needs of current and future business and industry in order to maintain a sustainable competitive environment; training, development opportunities, continuing education programs, etc or community-based projects (such as school/youth projects, other) that benefit rural areas and lead to community betterment.  RFDC does not provide funds for medical fundraisers or general operating costs.  

Matching funds: $4 of other funds to every $1 of RDFC funds. (for example: $12,000 in matching funds needed for a $3,000 grant request) 

* Maximum/minimum grant amounts: The minimum grant amount is $500; the maximum is $3,000.  

All grant applications must be returned to LYREC.  You can email the grant applications to jamip@lyrec.coop.

2024 Grant application